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What are the safety requirements of cold storage facilities

TIME: 2017-11-30

Cold storage facilities safety requirements are as follows:

1. Cold storage vehicles should meet the relevant standards.

2. The warehouse should be properly partitioned and set up relevant logos to facilitate the storage, transportation and management of the goods in the warehouse.

3. Treasury should be set up emergency lighting, open the door locks and alarm devices, self help or alarm for help.

4. Treasury shelves should have sufficient strength and rigidity.

5. Cold storage door should be set around the fence guardrail, and eye-catching logo.

6. Assembly type refrigerator should be set up balance window.

7. The room should be equipped with oxygen respirators, masks, protective clothing, rubber gloves, corks, pipe clamps, acid drinks and other necessary protective equipment and rescue drugs, and located in a convenient location, managed by a hand, regular inspections to ensure use. The relevant personnel should be proficient in the use of oxygen breathing apparatus and other rescue tools and methods.

8. For the refrigeration room with high-voltage control cabinet and power distribution cabinet should be equipped with high-voltage electrical tools and protective equipment.

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