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    2017 Who will be the mainstay of the LED industry?

    TIME: 2017-11-30

    The real strategist will always stand in the future to see the present. The revolutionary experience brought about by technology has always been the benchmark of social development in the future. In the LED industry, what are we talking about when we talk about new technologies? In recent years, the focus of discussion in the industry mainly focused on light efficiency, light quality, and lumen cost. In 2016, intelligent lighting, plant lighting, and visible light communication (LiFi) have become hot words, and UV LEDs, IR LEDs, and vehicle lighting Become a niche market constantly blessing businesses, Micro LED, OLED, laser lighting experts have been hailed as a potential threat to the industry rush. Looking forward to 2017, what are the possibilities for these technologies? They will become the mainstream of the development of LED industry, or change to threaten the development of the current LED killer application?

    Intelligent lighting

    Intelligent lighting refers to the use of IOT technology, wired / wireless communication technology, power line communication technology, embedded computer intelligent information processing, and energy-saving control and other technologies composed of distributed lighting control system to achieve the intelligent control of lighting equipment .

    As the Internet of things, sensor technology matures, smart lighting has become the next market segment of many corporate layouts. According to industry statistics, the global smart lighting market in 2014 was about 1.544 billion U.S. dollars. In 2015, the growth rate was lower than expected due to the global economic downturn. According to statistics from relevant agencies, the global market for intelligent lighting and lighting control was worth 6 billion U.S. dollars in 2015, with Lutron accounting for the largest market share, followed by Philips. The market for home, outdoor and street lighting is expected to grow the fastest.

    In recent years, lighting companies have accelerated the layout of intelligent lighting market: Op lighting and "the world's leading provider of information and communications solutions," Huawei formally signed a "strategic cooperation agreement", the two sides will be the future integration of the full range of HiLink Protocols Op Smart lighting devices; Hongyan Electric jointly China Potevio released the "whole house intelligent Internet of Things platform", and earlier geese and Ali reached a depth of intelligent cooperation, together with the layout of the smart panel as the main control terminal smart home system. In addition, Sunshine Lighting signed a contract with JD.com and Rieter cooperated with Huawei to launch a listing of smart lighting brands for Little Housekeeper Haier. Philips and Xiaomi formed a joint venture to promote smart lighting products.

    At present, the entire smart lighting industry has unclear industry standards, industry development ambiguity, too many industry communication protocols are difficult to unify and the mainstream enterprises have high technical barriers and difficult to promote issues.

    With the mature technology in the industry and the active promotion by manufacturers, the market size of intelligent lighting will continue to grow. It is estimated that the market will reach 14.353 billion U.S. dollars in 2019. To be sure, with the development of wireless technology and industry mature, with energy-saving features, to meet the emotional experience of intelligent lighting will become the standard for all lighting products.

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