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Temperature and humidity box touch screen temperature and humidity control of the special features

TIME: 2017-11-30

Constant temperature and humidity box is the necessary test equipment for aerospace, automotive, home appliances, scientific research and other fields, used to test and determine the parameters and performance of the electrical, electronic and other products and materials after temperature, humidity or constant temperature changes. So, his touch screen temperature and humidity controller, what are the special features?

1, high-precision and mature control technology: constant temperature and humidity box with dynamic PID control, balance temperature and humidity control, humidity control for the steam partial pressure control, high control accuracy.

2, the Chinese and English user interface switching: to provide Chinese and English user interface to switch to facilitate the use of different language backgrounds.

3, intelligent power interruption management: sudden power failure during the test, and then call, the test can continue to run from the breakpoint until the completion of the remaining tests, do not have to repeat, to ensure the continuity of the trial.

4, high-capacity program preset: program capacity, each program can be edited 99, the program can be carried out in series, the internal part of the cycle can be set up and all the cycles, can write complex and varied test program to adapt to different test requirements.

5, the sensor sub-calibration: In the traditional instrument calibration, the sensor is not completely linear, often appear accurate temperature, low temperature is not allowed, the calibration of low temperature, but also affect the high temperature, it is difficult to take into account, the controller provides a four-stage calibration Function, high, medium and low temperature independent calibration, do not affect each other.

6, intelligent test product safety protection measures: When the air component breakdown, the temperature uncontrolled, has been going up, which pose a significant threat to the safety of the test, especially the expensive test items will cause irreparable damage, the device In addition to the traditional over-temperature protection, but also specifically designed for the protection of test products, when the measured temperature is higher than the set temperature of 5 ℃, cut off the heating circuit main power supply, the temperature is locked, thus protecting the test.

7, fault graphic display: When the device over-voltage, over-current, water shortages, etc., temperature and humidity controller will pop up the corresponding prompt screen and issue a fault prompt tone, prompts the customer for the appropriate treatment, very intuitive.

8, computer storage record data: temperature and humidity controller with computer connection interface R232, R485, USB, for different user choice.

9, booking function: more user-friendly use of equipment, turn on the power, edit the program, the need to test the trial date set, the device can automatically start on time. Avoid busy working hours, holidays, holidays, people can not start the impact of equipment.

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