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Temperature and humidity controller principle

TIME: 2017-11-30

1. Temperature and humidity control principle - Introduction

Temperature and humidity sensor is a simultaneous measurement of temperature and humidity signals of the instrument and liquid crystal digital display, but also through the keys on the temperature, humidity, respectively, the upper and lower limits set and display, so that the instrument can be based on site conditions, Automatically start the fan or heater, the actual temperature and humidity of the measured environment automatically adjust. Action instructions through the two normally open contacts output, the instrument truly intelligent to adapt to more complex and changeable scene, so as to achieve the purpose of effective protection of equipment.

2. Temperature and humidity control principle - classification

Temperature and humidity control is divided into: ordinary series and intelligent series of two.

Common temperature and humidity controller: imported polymer temperature and humidity sensors, combined with stable analog circuits and switching power supply technology made.

Intelligent temperature and humidity controller: digital tube display of temperature and humidity values, heaters, sensor fault indication, the transmitter function, the instrument sets the measurement, display, control and communications in one, high precision, wide measurement range, is a Variety of temperature and humidity measurement control instruments suitable for various industries and fields.

3. Temperature and humidity control principle

The temperature and humidity controller mainly consists of sensors, controllers and heaters. Its working principle is as follows: The sensor detects the temperature and humidity information in the box and transmits it to the controller for analysis and processing by the controller. When the temperature and humidity in the box reach or When the pre-set value is exceeded, the relay contacts in the controller are closed, the heater is turned on and the heat is applied or the air is blown on the inside of the box. After a period of time, the temperature or humidity inside the box is far away from the set value, and the control The relay contacts in the device are disconnected, heating or blowing stops.

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